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For payments using charter school funds please read below

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We are proud partners with Pacific Coast Academy, Cabrillo Point Academy, & Elite Academic Academy.

This partnership allows our customers to use charter school funds to pay for our lessons/ Services.

Please read the text below to learn more about how to use funds for lessons and our Charter Funds Policy

How to use Charter School Funds for lessons/ services with The Sk8 Coach 

1. First, read our Charter Funds Policy below. 

2. Contact us to check available times for weekly lessons/ services. 

3. Schedule the month of lessons in advance by booking all 4 lessons on the "Book Online" page. For Semi-Privates and Group lessons, coach must schedule the time spot before it will show as available for booking. 

4. Request funds from charter for the full month of lessons, at the rate of the "Single Session cost x4. (membership discounts will not be approved) Search for The Sk8 Coach Skateboarding Lessons to find us. 

5. Send copy of Certificate from school via text to 480-234-4404. 


Once you have schedule your lessons and have sent us your funds certificate you will be all set! 

Charter Funds Policy (read carefully): 

  • Funds can only be used for services listed on the Charter Schools website.

  • Funds must be placed for the full month of lessons, at the rate of the "Single Session" cost x4. Membership discounts will not be approved. 

  • Payment for individual lessons through charters will be accepted per coach's discretion only. Contact coach to ask first. 

  • All lessons and services must be completed within the month that the service is request and the certificate is labeled or within 30 days. The customer is responsible for contacting and scheduling lessons/ services. 

  • Short notice cancellations (within 24 hours) will be billed from your account.  

  • Services not completed within the time frame assigned or 30 days will be billed from open accounts. "Make-ups" can be requested and granted upon reasonable circumstances if within a reasonable time frame.

  • We will not take credits for future lessons/ services outside of the charter schools yearly calendar.  

  • We cannot give refunds on school credits.


Cost for lessons using Charter Funds

Private lessons

1 hour x 4      $240

Semi-Private lessons (2-3 students)

1 hour x 4       $180 per participant

Group lessons (4-6 students)

1 hour x 4        $140 per participant

*Funds can only be used for month packages  

*View Charter Funds Policy 

For any question about booking, please contact Matt at 480-234-4404

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